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At 197 seats, the new screening room sits alongside a bowling alley, large swimming pool and an amazing array of function spaces and guest rooms.

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How about setting up an Alchemy server for Dolby Atmos. Loads of useful Barco training videos here...


A conversion of a former fish processing plant to two cinemas, space limited and determined to get only the best, we worked with Alastair and Suzy for three years prior to breaking ground. THE CINEMAS ARE STUNNING ! Our systems include two screens of Barco 2k DLP projectors, 7.1 sound and control and monitoring systems toroughtout, allowing remote and unmanned operation as required.

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NEW - DP2k-6E, low cost integrated projector and Alchemy serverdp2k6e

The largest portfolio of D Cinema proejctors presents it's smallest family member - the DP2k6E. Super cost effective, the 6E comes complete with an Alchemy server, motorised lens and twin UHP lamps guaranteed for an industry leading 1500 hours. Low cost of operation and super simple set up makes this the ideal unit for smaller cinemas, alternative content venues and educational uses. The 6E is designed from the ground up for long term heavy duty use and is quiet and cost effective to run.

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Why use laser in projectors ?

Training resources
We hope that these video tutorials are of some use. Full credit to the authors and sources..
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We're pleased to be working with High End Systems - the worlds best theatre lights. These arent for everyone - as the name suggests they are not cheap but are the best - no more replacing Chinese moving heads or LEDS every couple of years or climbing the rig weekly to reset or repair. Thes are simply the best. More here, or look at what they can do - Moving video, mounts for 4k projectors - the sky is the limit and they are build to last. More here..
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The PAA 20+ makes it easy to interface digital cinema playback equipment with existing cinema control systems, thus enabling fully automated presentations. Low cost and does more than units twice it's price

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Long distance HDBaseT true HD, 4k image scaling and transmission - long distance, durable signal transmission and scaling.
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Portfolio of past works
Cinema has been the mainstay of our business since it's inception. See some of our past projects here ..

THX Cinema Certification

Designed to recreate the acoustics and ambience of the studio, THX cinemas allow audiences to experience their favorite movies exactly like the director intended

  • Future Projections are UK representatives for the THX cinema certification programme, theatre alignment and recertification services. We are the only UK organisation to be factory trained and hold but the R2 and D2 acoustic analyser systems.
  • Outside the certification programme, non THX theatres can also benefit from having their rooms set up using THX equipment and techniques, sharing the quality of set up used in Hollywood and the West End's top premiere venues.

  • THX Certified Cinemas offer movie-goers the ultimate cinematic experience. Why? Because every THX Certified Cinema is designed and tested to ensure that it meets all standards for sound and picture excellence in categories such as:
  • Background noise - controlled noise from HVAC units, projectors, exhaust fans & transformers
  • Room acoustics - crisp accurate cinema sound through controlled reverberation and sound isolation ,
  • Image quality - high resolution, clear images with standardized screen illumination and minimized distortion ,
  • Projection - audience viewing angles, image cropping, and projector placement that result in the best possible picture presentation
  • Sound system - THX approved equipment and alignment for optimal sound reproduction

  • thxThe result is that cinema audiences experience movies that look and sound great. They enjoy: Precise audio localization that tracks the action across the screen A wide frequency range that delivers higher highs and lower lows A naturally balanced sound and planned sight lines so that every seat is the "best in the house" Accurate, true-to-life images Highly intelligible dialog and decreased distortion A clearer, more realistic movie-going experience
  • If you're a cinema owner, THX certification puts you in an elite class of cinemas that enjoy tangible benefits of certification. In addition to offering your audience an optimal cinematic experience, you gain a competitive advantage with clear bottom-line rewards. Independent consumer research shows that movie-goers recognize and prefer the THX brand when selecting a cinema. THX also provides marketing support to Certified Cinema owners to assist them in promoting their elite cinemas to public audiences. Our support program includes light boxes for your auditorium, posters, plaques, promotional items for staff, co-advertising, PR campaigns, and special events for new cinema openings. We offer new flexible program levels to cinema owners so that they can support their individual marketing goals. Everyone wins! If you are interested in providing your audience with the ultimate cinematic experience, talk to us about how to proceed with THX Cinema Certification Market Survey - Why THX is good for box office ..Across all three surveys, more than 82% of participants had heard of THX
  • thxUnique to every THX Certified Cinema is the THX "baffle wall." If you were to peel away the screen at any THX Certified Cinema, you will see a massive wall of speakers housed in an acoustic baffle (speaker system enclosure). The placement of the cinema screen is precisely calculated for every THX Certified Cinema. To ensure the best possible viewing experience, THX recommends having a 36 degree viewing angle from the farthest seat in the auditorium.

UK THX Theatres that Future Projections have installed / certified include
Curzon Soho (3 screens) 
Liverpool Picture House (Screen 1, 70mm) 
Stratford Picture House (Screen 1) 
The Empire Leicester Square (Screen 1 - test and certification only, installed by others) 
VUE West End (Screens 5 and 7) 
York Picture House (Screen 1 - 70mm) 
Radisson May fair Theatre (35mm / D cinema) 
Warner Bros Screening Rooms (1 and 2) 
Planet Hollywood (The Rex)

Jerry Zernike talks about what THX can do for a cinema..

Learn more about the THX Cinema Programme ...
THX website ...

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