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At 197 seats, the new screening room sits alongside a bowling alley, large swimming pool and an amazing array of function spaces and guest rooms.

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How about setting up an Alchemy server for Dolby Atmos. Loads of useful Barco training videos here...


A conversion of a former fish processing plant to two cinemas, space limited and determined to get only the best, we worked with Alastair and Suzy for three years prior to breaking ground. THE CINEMAS ARE STUNNING ! Our systems include two screens of Barco 2k DLP projectors, 7.1 sound and control and monitoring systems toroughtout, allowing remote and unmanned operation as required.

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NEW - DP2k-6E, low cost integrated projector and Alchemy serverdp2k6e

The largest portfolio of D Cinema proejctors presents it's smallest family member - the DP2k6E. Super cost effective, the 6E comes complete with an Alchemy server, motorised lens and twin UHP lamps guaranteed for an industry leading 1500 hours. Low cost of operation and super simple set up makes this the ideal unit for smaller cinemas, alternative content venues and educational uses. The 6E is designed from the ground up for long term heavy duty use and is quiet and cost effective to run.

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Why use laser in projectors ?

Training resources
We hope that these video tutorials are of some use. Full credit to the authors and sources..
Training videos


We're pleased to be working with High End Systems - the worlds best theatre lights. These arent for everyone - as the name suggests they are not cheap but are the best - no more replacing Chinese moving heads or LEDS every couple of years or climbing the rig weekly to reset or repair. Thes are simply the best. More here, or look at what they can do - Moving video, mounts for 4k projectors - the sky is the limit and they are build to last. More here..
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The PAA 20+ makes it easy to interface digital cinema playback equipment with existing cinema control systems, thus enabling fully automated presentations. Low cost and does more than units twice it's price

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Long distance HDBaseT true HD, 4k image scaling and transmission - long distance, durable signal transmission and scaling.
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Portfolio of past works
Cinema has been the mainstay of our business since it's inception. See some of our past projects here ..


We offer service and maintenance cover to theatres and cinemas, ensuring that the show goes on. We also offer and recommend the extension of Barco's factory warranty, covering projectors and servers against parts failure. WARRANTIES AND SERVICE OPTIONS

Within factory warranty - 1 year (included in all sales)

  • Up to 12 months from date of SHIPMENT (with registration of the product)
  • Business hours technical support from factory
  • Next business day shipment of spare parts, economy shipment terms
  • Return of defective spare part required
  • Labour - see options below

Within factory extended parts warranty - Months 13 to 24 months from shipping (included in sales - Barco)
  • Up to 24 months from date of SHIPMENT (with registration of the product)
  • Next business day shipment of spare parts, carriage chargeable
  • Client return of defective spare part required
  • Labour - see options below

Optional projector extended warranties - Core PREMIERE
  • 24/7 technical support from factory
  • Same or next day service - express shipment terms
  • Client return of defective spare part required
  • Labour - see options below

Optional projector extended warranties - Core Plus
  • Business hours technical support from factory
  • Return to base service - no advance replacements
  • Client return of defective spare part required
  • Labour - see options below

Future Projections Service and Breakdown cover
Planned and ad-hoc service
Our industry has changed beyond recognition in the past five years, and so have our clients' service requirements. No longer are service needs fulfilled by sending an engineer, a box of bearings and belts and a screwdriver to site - needs now include telephone and remote IP support, liaison with manufactures and at times immediate exchanges of non field serviceable items. Our service proposal is intended to address these needs. In addition, it offers you a guarantee of support, a fixed service cost and access to our emergency stocks of equipment

How it works
A yearly fee is agreed per auditorium, and this is invoiced to you three monthly in advance. Payment needs to be received before the first day of the three month period to which the invoice relates to maintain cover.

What does it cover ?
Our service fee covers - service calls per annum, including after hours emergency call outs and normal emergency call outs - telephone and remote assistance with third party client needs (within the capability of the venue and operators) - unlimited access to our engineers and support staff for technical support - access to our stocks of emergency rental gear - 50% discount off emergency rental gear - Filters and fluids for Barco projectors - Apt fluids for film projectors except projector oil - On-line assistance via your ASDL connectivity - Labour charges for the above works - Travel in England and Wales up to 100 miles - Remove monitoring via our offices and all engineers' remote access packages

What's not included -
Excessive calls or callouts caused by operator negligence, non upgraded equipment etc - third party assistance beyond the capability of the venue or staff - service or repair of pre existing faults where a system is taken off service by a third party - lamps, spare parts, non-Barco filters - upgrades, changes, installs and deinstalls - service calls caused by remote access not being in place (see pricing) - pre existing and installation related problems

Our service includes setting up and maintaining a dial in option, allowing your users, our engineers and the factory team access to sort and diagnose any current or upcoming problems. This is a fundamental part of our support and a suitable internet connection is required. Should no connection be available, we are able to offer an alternative service - please call !

Intended service levels
For "off the screen" problems we aim to offer the following response times
Callback (if no direct answer) - Ten to thirty minutes
On line support Twenty to sixty minutes
Action Four hours
Workaround or resolution 24 hours or 4 hours after receipt of parts

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