Some things that I have learned over the past year;

I should have quit 10 years ago
How to spell “through” (I have been through  a dictionary 4 times and am still getting there)
What apraxia is
What strokes are
How long it takes to get through a stroke (ages)
Wheelchairs suck
I should have slowed down

NHS rocks
NHS management rocks
NSH Funding sucks

That I’ve got about 75% of my brain back,  but only 50%  of what I need to do the business.  That I thought I has 95% of my mind back when a came out of hospital.  That in fact I have about 50% at the moment and that is decreasing.  And it is up for review.

We place to much effort on money
That you really know you your friends are. 
That Cinema  Technology is full of shite.

Drive faster and drive a fast car, or indeed drive a car.  Motorbikes rule, but I doubt if I will get to know. 
That its not so bad to be kept in a hotel for quarantine, all expensed paid
That the above hotel should have coffee

Walks are good.  I know every inch of the hotels carpark
That I do  not get by without  lists
That I like Auckland, because  only 25 people  have died,  (that 25 at all, not 25 per day) and they are tacking thing seriously

Make the best out of having two hands.  Dishwashing with one hand sucks. 
Meals are ok if you stick to chicken or seafood
Steaks are not good

The best way to get through a locking is to be in hospital
There is more than one way to put on jeans and a shirt
Buy oversized clothes
Get rid of oversized clothes slowly
That there is more than one way to hold a mouse
Costa coffee rules
Reading is ok
Catford is good

That things in NZ are not cheap 
That I don’t know what I in doing now
Jacinta rules, especially with Boris as a comparism .  You may disagree with her politic but she is a good leader .
That mallowpuffs are better and tintames
That NZ supermarkets are much better that British ones extent that the prices are much higher  and your don’t put on weight
That the above is untrue
Dreams are good, as long as you do them now
To use a smartphone (easy but its like telly your Mum how to use a video)
That you will never be as good as you were is 21
To value your kids
That I have been ok at business but does it really matter ?
That I have been a not good as a hubby

That I have been a good businessman but does that really matter ?
Strokes are bad
I’m lucky to be alive
That a don’t know what to do – period

I am what I hoped to be – I am what a choose to become. (CJ)

I had a stroke at the end of January.  One month later covid hit us.  I was in hospital for 6 months and am recovering well albeit slower than I wold like to.  I’m now in New Zealand for at least 3 months, enjoyed the sunshine..  I’ve giving up work cased it is too much for me, and Graeme and the teams from SA are doing well followinh on were we left off.   

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