As of August 2021

That I will not eat steak again
That I lost weight
That I would forget to spell
That Auckland is the place to be
That I like classical music
That Nurses are top
That Doctors are variable
That covid was coming 18 months ago
That Sound Associates are good, and in touch, wheres the others have not been in touch. Bad.
That a would become a slave to list’s
That a would stay in a 4* hotel
That a would stay in a 4* hotel cause of the lack of student’s
That NZ , and UK, and everywhere else, can be pretty racist
That I wound miss London and my kids so much
That for 25 years ive gone by the same rules
That I quite like buses
That I quite like street people
That walking is good
That life follows a circular pattern,
That I would have to learn stuff like to read and write again
That I don’t know what the future holds and take one day at a time
That Chinese cinema is good, far better that USA

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