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Tools and test equipment
PCA100 Colour meter and image analyser
With its precision spectrometer, the PCA digitizes the incoming light to extract the primary colors and generate chromaticity values. Measures both color (chromaticity) and brightness (luminance)
  • Wide luminance resolution range (0.01 to 50 foot lamberts) allows measurement of the projector contrast ratio
  • Chromaticity resolution allows checking the projector "x" and "y" linearity
  • Utilizes a precision spectrometer for highly accurate measurements at a very moderate cost
  • Unit comes with ULC-6' cable, software, PC1-CC carry case and manual
  • Chromaticity accuracy: CIE 1931: x; +/- .002,y; +/-.002 when viewing a black body source at 2856 degrees Kelvin
  • Luminance accuracy: +/-2%
  • Luminance range: 0.01 to 50 ft-Lamberts
  • Viewfinder angle of view: 7 degrees
  • Angle of sensitive spot area: 1 degree
PCA100 image analyser
D2 THX audio analyser
Professional room set up and testing system for audio and acoustic professionals The D2 is an integrated solution to sound analysis in the cinema and home theatre. It features win|RTA software, microphone multiplexer, high quality audio interface, and rugged, low-diffraction microphones in a complete, calibrated system. It now sets the reference in theatre set up, being used by studios, producers, sound system manufacturers and installers across the globe. Features include; - 4 mics with custom stands - Scope function - Dual USB interface - 4 channel preamp - NC background noise measurement - RT60 reverberation time measurement Applications include acoustical measurement, theatre, cinema and studio set up and testing. THX D2 THX D2 THX D2 THX D2
Lamps and Supplies
We offer a large selection of Xenon and UHP lamps for Barco, CHristie and NEC DCI projectors. Call or email Karen or Simon with your model - we offer both long life and standard lamps for all models. xenon lamp
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We hold large stocks of UHP lamps for the Barco D2k6E and other professional projectors, at pricing hard to beat. DP2k6E lamp
Any DLP projector runs on hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors, prisms and accumuators and each of these components is incredibly sensitive to dust and heat. CHanging or cleaning filters and replacing fluids is vital for the long term health of your machine. We stock common types for Barco and Christie and can source NEC units as well as heat-reduction upgrades for smaller CHristies and Barcos. Probably the most cost effective investment you will ever make ! Talk to Simon - we can supply or fit for you too Barco projector cooling fluid kit Barco D cinema filters
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