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DCI Projectors
What is or are DCI projectors ?
DCI is a group including Hollywood Studios who set the standards for secure, high quality cinema projection and transmission. Only DCI gear can show current Hollywood or other sourced movies, and requires a DCI server to house and transit the film. Within DCI there are three technologues, two based on projection - Texas Instruments' DLP Mirror system, and the lesser used Sony transmissive - as well as LED direct view displays, which are currently in prototype stage. All of our projectors are made by Barco, who offer the worlds most popular and widest range
What projector is right for me ?
Lamp or laser ? How bright ? 4k or 2k ? WHat server ? Barco have some great tools to help you choose;
DCI product finder – what projector, what technology, what deal... Barco Laser projector selector... Lens calculator...
Flagship Laser Projectors Barco flagship laser projector
Delivering exceptional image quality with outstanding 2D / 3D brightness, high contrast, uniformity, and superior color performance. Simplify your operations, and reduce your operating expenses.
Flagship lasers
Model (pdf) Lumens Resn Screen (max)
DP4K-13BLPHC 11500 4k 10-20m
DP4K-18BLPHC 15000 4k 10-20m
DP4K-20LHC 17000 4k 20-30m
DP4K-22L 22000 4k 10-20m
DP4K-30L 28000 4k 20-30m
DP4K-45L 44000 4k 20-30m
Smart Laser Projectors Barco smart laser projector
Are you looking for a future-proof and cost-effective way to upgrade your technology to laser illumination? Barco’s wide range of Smart Laser cinema projectors is what you’re looking for. Freeing you from all lamp-related hassles and costs, these projectors allow you to cut costs and simplify your operations. What’s more, they provide superior image quality
Smart lasers
Model (pdf) Lumens Resn Screen (max)
SP4K-25 23500 4k 20-30m
SP4K-20 20000 4k 10-20m
SP4K-15 17000 4k 10-20m
SP4K-12 12000 4k 10-20m
DP4K-36BLP 35000 4k 20-30m
DP2K-20CLP 20000 2K 20-30m
DP2K-10SLP 9000 2K 10-20m
DP2K-15CLP 15000 2K 10-20m
DP2K-17BLP 17000 2K 10-20m
DP2K-23BLP 24000 2K 20-30m
DP2K-36BLP 35000 2K 20-30m
DP2K-8SLP 7000 2K 5-10m
DP4K-17BLP 17000 4k 10-20m
DP4K-23BLP 24000 4k 20-30m
Lamp based Projectors Barco projector
With more than 65,000 projectors in the field, Barco is the market share leader in xenon digital cinema projection. We provide the widest portfolio of lamp-based digital cinema projectors in the industry, comprising 2K and 4K projectors with a Xenon or UHP light source. These projectors excel in quality, modularity, and ease of use. This projector range is designed for cinema screens starting from 4m (13ft) wide.
Lamp based projectors
Model (pdf) Lumens Resn Screen (max)
DP4K-32B 33000 4k 20-30m
DP2K-6E 7200 2K 5-10m
DP2K-20C 18500 2K 10-20m
DP2K-10S 9000 2K 5-10m
DP2K-15C 14500 2K 10-20m
DP2K-23B 24500 2K 20-30m
DP2K-32B 33000 2K 20-30m
DP2K-8S 6000 2k 5-10m
DP4K-19B 19000 4k 10-20m
DP4K-23B 24500 4k 20-30m
DCI Cinema Servers
What is a server- storage and control. In the past these were large Linux boxes but with the introduction of series 2 the server has tended to migrate into the projector for added integration and security. Typically a server will have between 1TB and 8TB on line storage, usually hard drives or sometimes SSD. A film can take around 100gb so VERY APPROX a 1TB server in a raid 3 config will hold about 8 films . Capacity is content related – for instance a Hanna Barbara cartoon would take a lot less space than a high frame rate 3d epic. In addition to servers sites with multiplex screens tend do add a Theatre Management System along with a further central store.
Barco alchemy server
The Barco ICMP module combines the functionalities of an Integrated Cinema Processor (ICP) and media server into one single board and forms the core of the Barco Alchemy digital cinema projectors. Reducing the required hardware increases simplicity and reliability into the projection booth. The smart projector even detects potential operational errors and warns users in case of mishaps. It turns any Barco Series 2 projector into a full-fledged DCI-compliant projector and media server, and includes on-board storage. With rich alternative content inputs and the most powerful DCI decoding in the industry, the Barco ICMP is future-proof and greatly enhances your Barco Series 2 digital cinema projector. Great in TMS environments, a projector equipped with the Barco ICMP module operates as stand-alone in single screen applications. The Barco ICMP is DCI-compliant with the Compliance Test Plan (CTP) version 1.2.
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E Cinema projectors - for alternative content, advertising etc
In 2019, we switched our entire rental and event fleet to 2P laser phosphor gear.
What is laser phosphor?
Laser phosphor technology is advancing rapidly because of the abundance of benefits it offers against traditional lamp based projectors. The laser light source is a solid state lamp-less illumination technology that produces consistent high brightness up to 30,000 hours virtually maintenance free. Thanks to DLP™ technology, image quality and colour performance are second to none. The benefits of laser phosphor projectors are dependable long life, 24/7 operation capability, consistent high brightness, flexible installation, minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership. DuraCore laser
Optoma’s DuraCore laser combines industry-leading lifetime of the laser light source with a unique dust resistant design independently IP5X or IP6X certified. Discover the benefits of Optoma’s DuraCore laser.
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Sound - for cinema, theatre, live events
the jaszz singer 1
jazz singer neil diamond
Whether Neil Diamond or Al Jolson is your style, you cant do justice to piece of music or a soundtrack of a film wihtout the right sound gear. But to us it goes way beyond that and we offer measurements and advise on acoustics, placement and of course amplifiers, speakers and processors. Our preferred brands are JBL and Crown for amps and speakers, and Cinema sound processors of all shapes and sizes
When it comes to sound we are traditionalists. From the Jazz Singer in the late 1920s, James B Lancing and his associates have led the field, and whilst other rock-and-roll speaker companies have come and gone, JBL remains the benchmark. We work with the words best brands and suppliers;
ham yard hotel sound
Integrated systems
Kramer automation No man is an island - not even Tom Hanks – so when it comes to sound and picture we want to help you get the best and the most out of your gear. Basic low and no cost add-ons like holding slides, preshow, logos, announcements, connectivity and BluRay players are all easy to do and add dramatically to your options. No need for a laptop to control the projector – we can put a link to it on your box office or managers terminal.
Monitoring the screen – low end CCTV via webcams can allow your folk or our engineers to monitor and diagnose. Want to plug a laptop in ? Cover yourself for the future ? Play a MP3 track or look at something off YouTube ? Our can, do and will !

tom hanks castaway movie
CHristie ACT automation There’s nothing like the human touch to show a film but in these days of lower staffing levels it seems mad to be waiting for a film to finish to raise the lights when you could be better allocated in the foyer dealing with paying customers. Our automation options go further than most and can indeed control not only theatres but interace with foyer, external options and just about anything with a plug on it. We’ve not yet had anyone go quite as far as Ryanair’s “fanfare” each show but we can and would do it if someone wanted it – more likely a voice announcer in the foyer, advising “Ladies and Gentlemen, the programme in screen 2 starts in 5 minutes and the feature starts in 25 minutes – a further call will be made just before the main feature commences”. Just imagine if every customer too these 25 minutes to enjoy another cup of your extremely profitable coffee !!

There’s more to screens than the big white or silver thing at the front of the room, and we are proud to install any roller or fixed masking screen 100% in –house using our own team – we’re the only company to do this. Options below
Fixed and masked screens
Covent Garden Hotel Cinema screens are usually perforated and in recent years we have offered micro – perforated screens to avoid the patterning often found with standard perfs and Digital projection. We prefer matt white screens – these avoid the hot-spotting so often found in Digital systems.
Curzon Mayfair
Part time / retractable screens
For mixed use and part time venues we offer large roller and temporary screens suitable for installing upstage, allowing a film to be shown whilst for instance a band or theatre show is set on the stage. For theatres we favour big-screen experiences – see “before” and “after”
Buxton OPera House2 Buxton OPera House
Outdoor and inflatable screens
S43 inflatable screen The S43 portable inflatable outdoor screen is a simple to rig, flexible front and rear projection surface suitable for projection and advertising uses. Easily handled by one or two people, this quick to rig screen provides an economical and yet impressive solution for outdoor presentations - Weighs only 35kg, Runs off a 13A outlet - Available in RED GREEN BLUE or BLACK frames, Available with or without screen surface - Supplied as standard with bag, blower, guy ropes, anchoring pegs and repair kit Applications include; - Drive in movies, Outdoor video screenings, Video gaming, Karaoke, Projected advertising,Gaming, Sporting events, Information projection
S43 inflatable screen S43 Inflatable screen - pdf
Hearing and visually impaired assistance
We are pleased to include inclusivity into our portfolio, and offer a variety of systems to unobtrusively assist those with hearing or visual impairements
Audio Reinforcement
Williams sound  Kit Audio reinforcement is critical for performance venues, and can range from a simple induction loop to a fully Digital FM transmssion system. Loops have their issues, with breakthrugh to adjancent spaces being the key problem however they are advantageous in that the client (not the venue) provides the receiver. Infrared systems from Williams Sound and USL are the most common, with higher tech devices from Riole offering cross-impairement use. On-screen subtitling is a further option.

Williams Logo

Williams Sound offers products across five wireless listening technologies: live audio via wi-fi, digital, FM, infrared and loop. All five offer excellent sound quality and can successfully be used for an array of commercial applications. With its diverse product offering, Williams sound is well-equipped to help you select the best technical solution for your application USL HearingImpaired The UPC Series Assistive Listening Devices are part of an infrared system, designed to fill a lifetime void with intelligible, clear sound for the thousands of hearing impaired individuals. IR headphone receivers will work in any auditorium, but play audio only from that auditorium. There is no possibility of receiving soundtrack from another auditorium.
Subtitling systems
“Every film is a foreign film. Foreign to some audience somewhere around the world. It is through subtitles…that an audience can experience different languages and cultures. And behind every foreign film that brings a culture to a viewer is a subtitler”. Sandeep Garcha (Narrator). ‘The Invisible Subtitler’ 1
subtitling in cinemas
Today most venues deal with statutory and customer reqirements for subtitling by offering one or two shows a week with open captoins on screen for the hard of hearing. WHilst this is great for the hearing impaired, assuming that the show time suits, it is hardly inclusive and we are working with suppliers such as Riole to provide captioning systems for EVERY show without disturbance to other viewers.
Read more about subtitling and the history of it HERE
BSL / ASL / Sign language
Riole This kit was developed to facilitate people with hearing and/or visual impairments, and provide them with an individual theater experience. It follows the ISDCF specifications. The Cinema Kit consists of an IR Emitter, Processor, Audio description Receiver, Headphones, Display for subtitling and sign language and a Charging case
Riole The Riole Video Display (. ProAccess) is a Infrared Display giving absolute privacy of content. We use no cameras or microphones and offer Automatic brightness adjustment, , No app downloads needed, a Rechargeable battery (cup-holder) and Automatic and instant Syncronization using Humanized Sign Language and / or an Avatar
Riole More HERE
Lighting systems and control
All of our lighting offerings are now LED driven, giving not only amazing reliability but low cost of use and overally the most efficient systems on the market
House and architectural fixings
Cinema house light Lose the ladders AND save the planet !
We love our new LED house/cleaners lights. Complete with automatable dimmers, these lights have both a dimmable house light element and a high intensity cleaners or conference circuit, giving flexibility and reliability. The perfect answer to your green, budget and maintenance woes. Good for front of house too.LF LED Light Fixture Designed as the complement to our Architectural Lighting Management System lighting controller, the Moving iMage Technologies Architectural LED Fixture (ALF) is the first LED-based 8” downlight luminaire designed specifically for cinema auditoriums. Actually two light fixtures in one, it includes two sets of LED elements that may be controlled separately. One set is typically selected for dimming to low levels while an audience is present. The other channel can use the same type LED elements for increased overall lumen output, or may be a more intense, brighter white for use during cleaning.
  • 70 Watt model: Center: 1600 Lumens; Outer: 4800 Lumens. 6000 total Lumens
  • 90 Watt model: Center: 3000 Lumens; Outer: 4800 Lumens. 8000 total Lumens
  • 1000:1 dimming: Dims smoothly from 100% to less than 0.1% light output
  • 1.0-10Vdc dimming control input per IEC 60929 architectural dimming standard
  • Color temperatures 3000K-4000K standard, others on request
  • Optional “Dim-warm” feature mimics incandescent lamps
  • Oversized heatsink for long component life: 50,000 hours typical
  • Mounts in T-bar ceiling with standard brackets
  • Power supply can be located in the booth
  • Fixtures may be daisy-chained (up to 4)
  • Includes 24” T-bar mounting hardware (2 brackets)
More here
Theatre and moving heads Buxton OPera House2
No standard range, all of our systems are custom designed. Recent installs include the Ham Yard Hotel and Rio cinema Dalston. Catford Mews Catford Mews Catford Mews We specilise in combined house / moving / theatre lights offerint triple the performance with a fraction of the cost
Controllers and automation
daslight Our new DMX controllers can talk to just about anything, allowing even the simplest room to have the power of a 512 channel DMX desk yet the simplicity of a 4 button recall panel for day to day use. Now available with direct cinema controller kits
Tools and test equipment
PCA100 Colour meter and image analyser
With its precision spectrometer, the PCA digitizes the incoming light to extract the primary colors and generate chromaticity values. Measures both color (chromaticity) and brightness (luminance)
  • Wide luminance resolution range (0.01 to 50 foot lamberts) allows measurement of the projector contrast ratio
  • Chromaticity resolution allows checking the projector "x" and "y" linearity
  • Utilizes a precision spectrometer for highly accurate measurements at a very moderate cost
  • Unit comes with ULC-6' cable, software, PC1-CC carry case and manual
  • Chromaticity accuracy: CIE 1931: x; +/- .002,y; +/-.002 when viewing a black body source at 2856 degrees Kelvin
  • Luminance accuracy: +/-2%
  • Luminance range: 0.01 to 50 ft-Lamberts
  • Viewfinder angle of view: 7 degrees
  • Angle of sensitive spot area: 1 degree
PCA100 image analyser
D2 THX audio analyser
Professional room set up and testing system for audio and acoustic professionals The D2 is an integrated solution to sound analysis in the cinema and home theatre. It features win|RTA software, microphone multiplexer, high quality audio interface, and rugged, low-diffraction microphones in a complete, calibrated system. It now sets the reference in theatre set up, being used by studios, producers, sound system manufacturers and installers across the globe. Features include; - 4 mics with custom stands - Scope function - Dual USB interface - 4 channel preamp - NC background noise measurement - RT60 reverberation time measurement Applications include acoustical measurement, theatre, cinema and studio set up and testing. THX D2 THX D2 THX D2 THX D2
Lamps and Supplies
We offer a large selection of Xenon and UHP lamps for Barco, CHristie and NEC DCI projectors. Call or email Karen or Simon with your model - we offer both long life and standard lamps for all models. xenon lamp
Enquire or get an up to date equivalent sheet
We hold large stocks of UHP lamps for the Barco D2k6E and other professional projectors, at pricing hard to beat. DP2k6E lamp
Any DLP projector runs on hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors, prisms and accumuators and each of these components is incredibly sensitive to dust and heat. CHanging or cleaning filters and replacing fluids is vital for the long term health of your machine. We stock common types for Barco and Christie and can source NEC units as well as heat-reduction upgrades for smaller CHristies and Barcos. Probably the most cost effective investment you will ever make ! Talk to Simon - we can supply or fit for you too Barco projector cooling fluid kit Barco D cinema filters
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